Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Care

As I practice and continue to learn better ways to help my patients, I am impressed how often people have a painful shoulder or restricted shoulder. Again and again I see patients who have lost their shoulder range of motion (frozen shoulder) or have strong pain or weakness when using thier shoulder.

Patients who have had surgery to repair the rotator cuff tendons and muscles and still have pain or restriction. Those who have had shoulder replacement and still want to have more comfortable motion in their shoulder. People who have been injured or who don't even have a cause they can name, find their shoulder pain and restriction continues to be a big issue for them.

The shoulder is highly muscle stabilized and influenced joint...probably more than any other body part. Using the special pain stopping techniques and motion freeing methods I have learned in the last few years, I have been able to restore these shoulders in many (not all) cases with reliable and gentle methods that patients like.

With chronic or acute shoulder muscle, joint or tendon pain and impairment, the techniques I have learned are amazing to me on a daily basis. I always medically refer a patient if I suspect or see a pathology like a tumor, infection, fracture, severe tear, etc...that won't be helped by my function-enhancing methods. But many come to me with ongoing problems even after all the other care they have tried.

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