Sunday, September 03, 2006

Osteoarthritis of the knee helped by Electroacupuncture

The osteoarthritis research study is available at:

The researchers found that electrical stimulation of
needles placed for local knee osteoarthritis was more
effective than a drug. Other studies indicate that
electrical stimualtion of acupoints can be successfully
used to relieve pain or treat organ dysfunction or relieve
emotional stress patterns like anxiety.

While acupuncture with needles is effective, I use meridian
treatment with electrical stimulation or laser stimulation,
instead of needles. Even more importantly, I use a system
to analyze all the 12 body meridians so I can balance the
whole system and relieve the "local" pain or problem like

This analysis system electronically tests and computer
analyzes the points for best overall treatment and results.
It is called EMI, Electro-Meridian Imaging.

Call the office for more detailed information: 614-529-8171.

Dr. D