Sunday, September 03, 2006

Osteoarthritis of the knee helped by Electroacupuncture

The osteoarthritis research study is available at:

The researchers found that electrical stimulation of
needles placed for local knee osteoarthritis was more
effective than a drug. Other studies indicate that
electrical stimualtion of acupoints can be successfully
used to relieve pain or treat organ dysfunction or relieve
emotional stress patterns like anxiety.

While acupuncture with needles is effective, I use meridian
treatment with electrical stimulation or laser stimulation,
instead of needles. Even more importantly, I use a system
to analyze all the 12 body meridians so I can balance the
whole system and relieve the "local" pain or problem like

This analysis system electronically tests and computer
analyzes the points for best overall treatment and results.
It is called EMI, Electro-Meridian Imaging.

Call the office for more detailed information: 614-529-8171.

Dr. D

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cholesterol Myths

So much is discussed these days about the role of cholesterol in making one have heart or artery disease. But what are the facts? I recommend you check the following web sites and spend time and learn more about this.

1. The Cholesterol Myths

2. Why Cholesterol Has Very Little to Do with Heart Attacks

If you are ready to discuss this, call us for an appointment now...

Dr D

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Microwave Water Unhealthy?!

School science experiment on microwaves

Still using a microwave? Think twice. This is web page fascinating about a "science fair project"!

If a kid could do it - why isn't the FDA requiring this kind of research?

Microwave changes the stuff it nukes! You are eating and drinking altered stuff loaded with "Free Radicals" and worse! Darn!! It is too quick and easy to use this appliance. Guess I'll have to "slow down" and live!

Stay Healthy!!

Dr D

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Adult Drugs for Kids and Their Risks

When I read the following article about the tendency for
more pediatric and family doctors to give adult approved
"antipsychotic" drugs to children with mental and emotional
health disorders, I was was struck with the lack of research
and the fact these drugs were never approved for growing brains!

Get the full news story: Click Here.

This gets us back to the need for better natural health care
solutions to many health, even mental health problems.

Dr D

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What is Cranial Therapy or Craniopathy?

The bones of the skull form a protective covering as well as functional support for the brain. The bones interconnect at the sutures to allow firm yet mildly mobility.

AT no time in your life should the cranial bones be fused together. This would be a disease condition. Instead they can be jammed, overlapped, dented, raised, spread, or distorted with reactions in the brain.

When cranial bones get distorted by trauma or chronic muscular pull or even jaw and teeth conditions, you can have subtle or obvious changes in the brain fucntion, depending where the pressure and irritation has its effects.

So loss of short term memory, poor concentration, severe headaches, altered vision, hearing, speech, smell and taste can occur. A thorough cranial exam can detect changes in the head and we can map the problems and start to correct them with hand pressure to the bones and sutures.

Depending on the extent, chronicity and recovery available to the person, the treatments are done till adequate cranial rlease occurs. This can take quite a few visits for some and lesser amounts for others.

If you have or suspect a head or brain health problems, discuss it with Dr. DiVelbiss. As always he will examine you and suggest treatment or referral to the appropriate specialist if he feels you need this.