Friday, April 30, 2010

Scars that are still Active!

If you have a surface or deeper scar as a left-over from surgery, injuires or strains(torn tissues), you may continue to suffer what is called an "active" or toxic scar.

These irritated scars are painful, tight and did not heal right. They can be released and often relieve pain, nerve, muscle, blood flow issues that persist.

I often find patients with these active scars will have on-going muscle, nerve and joint problems that have not repsonded to other methods.

Go to: National Institute of Health...Click Here. This is a summary of a case study related to active scars.

Dr D practices a specialized form of Asian Medicine that treats and relieves these toxic scars...often in a few visits.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop Pain Fast...A New Technique

When I first learned about specialized nerve reflexes I could use to turn off PAIN and erase trigger points, I was amazed. To learn more about this technique, have a look at this article HERE.

When you've read it and want to have a exam to see if you could be helped, got to my main site, or use the phone contact on this site.